bohemian death rituals

by Electric Coconut

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Bo·he·mi·an /bōˈhēmēən/: a person who has informal and unconventional social habits, especially an artist or writer.


Paint a picture of this feeling
Get our fingerprints on the ceiling
From the chandelier we’ll be swinging
From the speakers our ears will be ringing

Put your hardships in a tomb, shake up a bottle of sultry gloom
Put some tunes on in the afternoon, after awhile you’ll be dead soon
In the meantime celebrate rhyme and all the sunsets and sunrises
If you do, you’ll find it’s true, you’ll find there’s no surprises

We’ll cook you up something tasty
Before your face gets pale and pasty
Throw some flowers in your nature grave
Drink wine in your honor, for the time you’ve payed

Now you know it’s not your fault, you must take everything will a grain of salt
The happenings today will pass and place itself in a time vault
What matters tomorrow may be filled with pain and sorrow
So live for now and soon allow yourself to find time’s still borrowed

Paint a picture of this moment
Get our fingerprints all up on it
From the chandelier we’ll write sonnets
From the speakers our ears will be potent

Put your hardships in my hand, I’ll sprinkle them all over the land
You are so much more than all you are, so much more than just a man
And like the wind blows you’ll be pushed and we’ll all follow
so breathe the air and soon prepare to take the breath you’ll swallow


released December 2, 2016
Angel Abaya - vocals, keys
Ben Sargis - guitar
Nick Archibald - bass
Michael Mitchell - drums
Eric DeWitt - saxophone
Seth Hoffman - trumpet

Produced by Jac Sound
Artwork by Angel Abaya (photo taken by Savannah Culp)



all rights reserved


Electric Coconut Boise, Idaho

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